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Our Programmes

We offer a whole host of services to cater to the varying needs of our parents and children.

Infant Care: 2 to 17 months
Playgroup: 18 months to 3 years
Nursery: 4 years
Kindergarten: 4 to 6 years
Before and After School Care: 7 to 12 years



Our Curriculum

SPIRAL Literacies ModelTM was inspired by the New London Group academic theory on Pedagogy of multi-literacies - a concept that enhances children's learning of early literacy and numeracy.

It is also aligned with the SPARK accreditation of Singapore preschools, and the Ministry of Education's Framework for Nurturing Early Learners with 21st Century Competencies.

Developed in-house, the SPIRAL Literacies Curriculum, equips children with critical 21st century skills for living and lifelong learning, essentially helping them to adapt to a rapidly changing globalised world where demographics and technological advancement drive the future. The skill sets taught include thinking skills, managing self, relating to others, and contributing to, not merely participating in society.

The core competencies acquired in the process enable children to problem-solve, create, analyse, collaborate, communicate and account responsibly. While equipping its learning environment with new reading materials and resources that support inquiry and enhanced learning, Cherie Hearts invests in teacher training by engaging experts in multi-literacies to inspire passionate and meaningful delivery of the curriculum across the different age groups. In line with the Cherie Hearts' philosophy, five key components in the SPIRAL Literacies ModelTM enhance children's holistic growth and ensure they experience personal success while developing a joy for learning:

  1. Critical Literacy - Beyond essential functional skills in reading, writing and counting, children learn to think creatively and problem solve by appreciating and uncovering underlying messages in a variety of text, enabling them to ponder, question and reflect from different perspectives. Creativity is honed in the process of children becoming critical thinkers, problem solvers and decision makers.

  2. Civic-Social Literacy - This aims to build children's character and social intelligence by equipping them with the right attitude and aptitude to care about others so as to contribute compassionately and graciously to society. Embodying social and emotional quality, the SPIRAL Literacies ModelTM develops children's confidence and resilience as they learn to accept themselves and others. In recognising their emotions, children are encouraged to express their feelings in acceptable ways that lead to successful conflict resolution.
  3. Financial Literacy - Besides basic numeracy, the introduces money management skills to help children understand the value of money and how money works in the world; how it is earned, managed, invested and donated to help others. Through entrepreneurship children learn practical lessons on the investment power of savings, while a social component shows them how as charitable entrepreneurs they can use profits earned to support adopted charities.
  4. Environmental Literacy - With the SPIRAL Literacies ModelTM, Cherie Hearts aims to shape young children's behavior by cultivating a healthy respect for all living and nonliving things, and to promote responsibility for the environment on issues such as littering, mosquito breeding and conserving natural resources. Realising that children in urbanised environments like Singapore rarely explore the outdoors, teachers take time to discuss the creation of and respect for life as well as the importance of co-existence with the elements around them.
  5. Digital Literacy - Through its collaboration with JULES Ventures Private Limited, a Singapore-based digitech educational start-up, Cherie Hearts promotes the literacy of digital savviness and computational thinking which in the 21st century, is as important as reading, writing and arithmetic. In an age where children can use tablets before they can read, teaching them to be technologically literate becomes essential. In partnering with Cherie Hearts, JULES has specially customised their School of Fish Computational Thinking Curriculum to complement the teaching of Cherie Hearts Digital Literacy. In learning to create their first digital diary, children will hone their ability to think abstractly, compartmentalise and synthesise information.


    Enrichment Programmes

    'Top Notes' by Our Music Classroom

    The programme uses an original approach called SONG S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-R-S, where songs/chants/rhymes/music is S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D. Songs are taught via various modalities - through vocal, body percussions, instrument play and movement. This unique kinesthetic progressive approach helps the children internalize the whole music process and builds on children's creative expression.


    'English Speech & Drama' by Helen O'Grady Acts Singapore

    Children who mix well with others will find it easier to make friends and adjust to new situations.

    Our developmental drama program will help build their confidence and skills to be participants in all aspects of their lives, able to ask questions, seek answers and share information with others. Our highly trained teachers will motivate and inspire them to enthusiastically participate in a wide range of creative activities including:

    Introductory Activities - Response to Scenarios, ad-lib to promote multiple sentence flows
    Speech - voice projection, articulation, forward placing, tone & pitch, focus on consonants, poems
    Music, Movement & Dance Drama - mime, gestures, actions, body language
    Whole Class Improvisation - drama story based on life situations
    Scene Starters - creativity, story & scenario development, morals, ethics, teamwork
    Snippets - scripted short stories, scene planning, teamwork

    Twice a year, the children will present a short, scripted presentation for their parents and friends!


    'KidsMoov' by Pulsion

    Children will get to learn the basics of locomotor movements while having fun. Using fundamentals of soccer, rugby and basketball, they will engage in ball games. They will also learn the basics of racket games like badminton, tennis and table tennis.


    'OulalaART Programme' by WowART Learning Studio

    OulalaART programme is a fundamental medium that helps children develop a sense of expression, communication and creativity. At OulalaART, we cultivate these traits and nurture the child's Imagination, Awareness, and Confidence.

    OulalaART is a skills and techniques foundation course under the WowART Learning program



    'Magic Of Science' by Forest of Wizardry

    Specially selected hands-on experiments will not only kick start your child's interest in science, but also serve as a catalyst for the development of his or her cognitive skills such as critical and sequential thinking, as well as inference and observations skills which are boosters for overall success in today's world.







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