Cherie Hearts Kids-At-Play

(Near Bishan/Thomson)


Management Profile

Elaine Kng (Branch Director)
Ms Elaine graduated with a Degree in Electrical Engineering from National University of Singapore (NUS) and also holds Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education. Prior to the 8 years managing the operations of the childcare centre, she also has over 6 years of experience working in MNCs as well as in a local educational institution. Elaine holds a Grade 8 in Piano, and enjoys teaching piano to children.



Ang Li Liang (Director)
Mr Ang graduated with a Master Degree in Embedded Systems and Degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU). He has over 13 years of experience working in MNCs in the area of R&D and project management.

Parents' Testimonials



Sarah really enjoys going to infant care and is always excited to come back on Mondays. The teachers are experienced and genuinely care about her. There is a good range of activities and she is encouraged to reach milestones ahead of time.
- Ms Faith Leung, mother of Sarah (Infant Care)

Celeste gets to interact and meet new friends, while receiving specialised infant care and attention while my wife and I are at work. We love the Centre's environment and proximity to our home. The teachers are most important in this setup, and assure us as parents to confidently place Celeste in their watchful hands.
- Mr Richmond Tung, father of Celeste (Infant Care)



Karthiga is very happy learning from this curriculum and looks forward to going to school. The teachers are very friendly and I am assured that my daughter is well taken care of. I see improvements in the way Karthiga speaks and does things independently. I believe this is from doing the PG1 activities in the Centre every day. Both my husband and I are very pleased with our daughter's development.
- Ms Kalaiyarasi, mother of Karthiga (PG1)

My daughter loves going to school so much that she even wants to go during the weekends. She is always mentioning her friends and teachers and what they do at school. Her social skills have improved greatly since she started going to Cherie Hearts Kids-At-Play. We enjoy seeing her develop! The centre is in a nice neighbourhood surrounded by nature. Its not too big so each child seems to get plenty of attention.
- Ms Mamiko Okada, mother of Chiyoko (PG2)



Cherie Hearts Kids-At-Play is a great place for my 3 kids! The teachers have done a great job educating and taking care of Isabelle, Isaac and Isaiah. Thank you to all the staff at Cherie Hearts Kids-At-Play!
- Ms Serena Tai, mother of Isaac (Nursery)



Clare is happy interacting with her teachers and friends; playing and benefitting from the environment, curriculum and many activities at the Centre. I appreciate the teachers' commitment and dedication to the children, and being very open to talk with parents. Time spent with my child is enhanced as she applies what she learns in school at home.
- Ms Yvette Lim, mother of Clare (K2)



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